How to setup QuickBooks / Myob accounts integration

Setting up QuickBooks integration

Idronic Account integration Interface


The above shows the default view for IAI once a clean install has taken place

Integration Setting


From the Setting Menu you can access the Integration settings!

Integration Settings options


Here you can choose to record a log for all the activities for various levels of messages and the schedule the frequencies at which the sync of data from LQ to QuickBooks will take place.

Accounting Options


The income Accounts is the sale account as it is set up into your QuickBooks File
Steel Account is the Cost of goods sold account as set up into your QuickBooks file for the raw steel purchases
Services Account relates to the purchases of services ( i.e. any subcontracted costs )
Spare Parts Account is cost of goods sold for Consumables and Spare Parts
Other is anything else that does not belong to the above descriptions ( cost of goods sold only )

Database List


This list refers to the LaserQuote database settings and multiple installs of LQ can be synced to one QuickBooks file

LQ server settings


Here you can enter the required LQ server settings :

  • Title – just give it a relevant name
  • User Name – this is the Mysql user name and it is usually “root”
  • Server Address – This has to point to the internal ip address of the server where LQ is installed
  • Password – Is the password you used when you installed the Mysql database on your server
  • Database Name – It is the name of the database in LQ – should always be “basdb”
  • Company name – this is the name of the table suffix for your LQ install and by default it should be “laserquote”



The actual sync takes place automatically at the time interval you set in the step above. You can however invoke a manual sync at anytime by selection the menu option above.

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