Xero API V2

As of version 4.4.2 RanFab's integration with Xero has been updated to use API V2. This means that all new connections with Xero will use this and we advise that all V1 connections ( prior to version 4.4.2) will need to update asap.

There are a few differences to consider in setting up this connection and they are as follow:

  1. Navigate to https://developer.xero.com/ while you are logged into your Xero account as an admin user

  2. Select MyApps

  3. Select New App

  4. In the field, App name enter some unique name such as RFYourBusinessName

  5. In the company - application URL enter: https://www.ranfab.com

  6. In the Oauth 2.0, Redirect URI enter https://s2.ranfab.com/RanFab/xero.awxero where the s2.ranfab.com is replaced with your server URL. Please note that you can only establish a connection if your server is secure with a valid SSL. For the cloud users that are already in place by default.

  7. Copy the client ID and paste it into the first field of the XERO integration section of the panel Preferences under System Settings

  8. Generate a secret and paste it into the secret field of the same location as above.

Now you can test your connection. Of course for new integrations, you will need to ensure that your sale and purchase accounts are matched to your Xero accounts and that you export all customers, suppliers and subcontractors before exporting invoices and purchase orders. Otherwise, the workflow remains unchanged.