RanFab 5.0 Cloud Release

We are happy to announce the release of version 5.0 for RanFab cloud. The on-premise version will follow shortly, and a new licence key will be required. Below is a summary of the changes:

  • Updated architecture and scripting to significantly improve speed and security
  • Sun Accounting system export invoices and purchase orders
  • Added price adjustment to Subcontractor work items
  • Added Project Name field to quotes
  • Added Job time scheduled to Customer Order
  • Fixed pro-rata calculation of user fees for the cloud version
  • Updated the Quote Analysis to display details for the profile cutting process
  • Added Sales forecast to the main menu
  • Fixed Midnight Scheduler functionality
  • Fix for multiline items in multipart sheet
  • Fixed some barcodes displayed in selective default documents
  • Removed Zoho services
  • Added image scale and edited for system logo and documents
  • Added support beacon for help assistance. Continue using the video icons to access tutorials in various sections. If you cannot find an answer, simply submit a message via the beacon, and a support ticket will be automatically created for you
  • Added extra fields in the ShowParts section for the customer interface
  • Added Order No column in the machine operator interface under the process tab
  • Updated report for Purchaser Order - Material based- and date range
  • Added CSV export for references in Part
  • Added extra columns in the Spare Parts Inventory
  • Added extra fields in the Quote Analysis report
  • Added new fields in the inventory section for Name and Category
  • Fixed documents tree delete function
  • Added weight calculation for assemblies- will only work with newly created assemblies
  • Added Misc work items for assemblies with calculations based on the weight of the assembly
  • Added Spreadsheet work item to Assemblies
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