RanFab Version 6

The following is a list of the main changes within version 6.0
This is a major update with structural framework and server implementation updates. This update addresses numerous recommendations and must-have updates required by the latest security releases in Java and Tomcat. Customers must proceed with updating their servers to this build to secure and prevent known vulnerabilities from being exploited.

  • Updated Java JDK

  • Updated Javascript Kendo UI

  • Update themes and add new ones to comply with the latest framework

  • Improved speed and session security for busy servers with high number of users ( hundreds)

  • Modified and updated the Schedule to comply with various views. A new Weekly timeline was added

  • Addition of tracking actual net profits

  • Fixed automated stock creation for products with Heights and OD's

  • New Grouped Inventory query for better reporting

  • Xero Status update fix for recent errors

  • Fix for infinite profit error in some unique circumstances

  • Drag and drop change added to workitems sequence in parts and assemblies

  • Improved stock control for Materials with tasks and notification

  • Improved stock control for Spare Parts and Consumables

  • Added Delivery option in Quotes and Purchase Orders as a separate section. Customers with custom printouts may need to update their templates to reflect this.

  • Modified the Quotes to allow for quick editing of parts from within without a refresh and with the addition of filters

  • Zoho CRM integration for Customers, Quotes, and Products. A converted lead in Zoho will create a customer record in RanFab and Quotes created in RanFab can be synced to Zoho. For each quote line item in Zoho a product ( part from RanFab) will be created.

  • Updates to the Stripe integration for smoother functionality where online payments can be requested for quotes and customer orders. Negotiated better terms for lower fees, currently at 0.45%.

  • For those using Cloudflare for SSL we've constructed a free approach enabling secure access not only to the RanFab application but also to the nesting servers and Xero simultaneously while being hosted on the same PC. This eliminates the need for two login URL's.

  • Calculation of historical times allocated for production at machine levels

  • Calculation of production efficiency of a given time and machine

  • Pre-population of the material in the folding process and blank size when a profile cutting work item is already in context.

  • CAD Importer update to version 4.3 addressing compatibilities with imperial shapes