Version 4.4.2 released

We have released a maintenance version that mainly handles the changes brought in by the new Xero API. You can view those from this article link.

Other changes and improvements which are part of this release are:

  • Support for long products - you can now nest long products for costing. You will possibly require a new licence for this feature, please get in touch with support@idronic.com for more information specific to you

  • Added tab for spreadsheet Item

  • Added Client Ref attribute to search quotes by form

  • Allow for pop-over the window to stay open when saving it

  • Added XeroTenantId for Ooaut2.0

  • Added Open in Tab for main Queries

  • Added Save Settings to Customer Orders

  • Added Xero API 2.0 changes

You will require a new licence key to be issued; ensure that you contact us before applying the update.