RanFab 4.4 Release

The following is partly the change-log for the RanFab release version 4.4

Add Query for partial deliveries without a packing slip

Add Query that shows quotes coming from CutQuote

Add Notes attribute to CutQuoteRequestItem

Add requests with errors to the screen "work in progress" for CustomerCQ

Add Required By Date to quotes from CutQuote

Add RanFab data in CQ interface

Change Email notification from CutQuote order request

Add Project Name to COLineItem from Part - shortcut

Migration to new javascript library and report Designer

Support for Nesting Production Mode

Added delete work item plugin to eliminate delay when deleting subcontracted workitem

Added Custom Message in Part and Customer for addition of records

Added sort order for invoices on Xero export

Support for long products - nesting facility for pipes etc.

Added part revision number to be visible to customer in customer portal and CutQuote

Part Weight and Dims for CutQuote Parts fix 

Quote Contact is copied to the order Contact Responsible when an order is created from a quote.

Be able to set Order Contact Responsible directly from the Customer Order Screen – most customers have more than one person ordering.

When a customer creates an order (either from a CutQuote quote or directly from parts) they need to be able to set the Contact responsible in the same way this is done when setting the contact responsible for a quote.

Part revision number to be visible in the customer portal and CutQuote.

Customer warnings – alerts that can be set-up for a customer and will appear as a pop-up warning as soon as that customer is selected when creating/importing parts.