RanFab 4.3 Change log

Estimated job time formatting

The estimated job time was updated to feature two decimals for profile cutting and secondary operations

Attachments for customer order fix

The cloud version had a bug preventing attachments in Orders. This is now fixed.

Schedule update

The scheduling algorithm has been updated to ignore machines or workstations which are missing time slot allocations. Note that if you desire to schedule work on a given machine you will need to define time slots for it.

Programming notes

Workflow change with programmer notes being overwritten. This is no longer the case

Production User Interface

Machine operators have a new tab in their interface allowing for the selection and grouping of jobs based on the process type irrespective of the machine or workstation it is scheduled on. This will enable grouping of jobs which were initially scheduled on different machines.

Fix for "Allocated Qty cannot be greater..."

Under some circumstances, a stocked component could not be allocated to an order because of the error above. This update adds a fix to this problem.

Fix for "Allocated Qty" after a stock adjustment

User login error

In some rare cases, RanFab was not aware that some users were logged off.

New columns added to Production > Daily Activity
Added "scheduled at" for profile cutting
Added description column to inventory allocation in nests

Fix for "Is Late" flag in Scheduler

Modified "Incomplete Jobs by Order" to show all incomplete orders with all jobs

Added "Change Required by Date" in jobs

WorkItems templates The video below outlines the meaning and functionality of this time-saving feature.

Added Customer Part No to partial delivery history

For more straightforward part identifications for those businesses that rely on the customer part number

Fix for cutting fixed costs distribution.

Under some scenarios, the fixed costs were not distributed as expected. This has now been rectified.

Added filters to the grid of incomplete jobs in the customer UI
Added new filters to jobs incomplete
Fix for Chrome importer issue

Since the release, late April 2018 Chrome has introduced a bug in the importing and nesting sections which lead to the workflow being broken. We have modified the code to cope with this limitation.

Added sheet spacings in cut speeds

Users can now define unique plate sheet spacings - left, right, bottom, top - for each type of material. This will contribute to a higher efficiency that is unique to each material. Furthermore one can now define the minimum off-cut dimension for each material rather than one default value for all.

Spreadsheet Work Item

Please view the video below demonstrating how you can now use your own spreadsheets to calculate the cost of a process.

Print Invoices for RanFab cloud subscription transactions.

You can print a tax invoice for each subscription transaction for RanFab Cloud.
Production data report for jobs

The new report allows one to view the production data at intervals as low as one hour. You can access this report from the Left Menu > Reports > Production > Production Data
Label or File for imported DXF

As of this version, one can specify whether the default method of naming imported parts is based on the File name or the Label within the actual pattern in the drawing. You can set this value to your preference by navigating to System Settings> Nesting Parameters > Part Naming.
DXF import layer designation for Attach operation

You can now control how the nesting client behaves when it outputs DXF files of your parts and it contains layers associated with the Attach operation. You can control the name of the layer and the colour of the geometry. You will require to create a file call attachrule,json and place it into C:\ProgramData\Efficient Software Ltd\NestingClient folder. The content of this file should be something like :   {"LayerNameToExportTo":"Etch","Color":"Yellow"} on a single line. Of course, you can replace the layer name and colour with your own preference.

New report designer

Many new features have been added to the RanFab Report Designer support for table elements, page break anywhere in the report, support for borders for text and images, support for text rotation and many others. As this is a major upgrade to the code of the designer you may be required to update some of your existing custom reports.



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