RanFab 4.2 - Maintenance Release

This is our mid-year release, where we have addressed all reported bugs and also added some new functionality. Take a look at our feature request section to view which ones have made it in and vote or submit new requests if your expected feature did not make it. Below is a very brief outline of the most prominent changes:

  • Importing of CAD files with really long file names is now handled.

  • Restriction added for deleting of parts. Used parts cannot be deleted and others can be deleted by admins only.

  • Improved efficiency for the nesting screen to handle multiple processes at the same time - See filters.

  • Changes to the clock record for staff members.

  • Multiple improvements and efficiency increases as per reported issue by our customer base.

  • Part spacing for nesting fix.

  • Add multiple fabrication operations from a cutting list in one action.

  • Add multiple subcontracting operations from a cutting list in one action.

  • Quote analyses report! Requires addition of SQL query to your database for a proper upgrade - See attached.

  • Tax rate increased to 4 decimals

  • Invoice date range report added for partial deliveries

  • Capacity to save the jobs table structure in a customer order

  • Latest compatibility with DXF and DWG for the CAD Importer

  • Colouring of separate parts during nesting for easy identification

  • Better handle of nesting long and skinny parts

  • We are now listing which parts did not nest

  • Display of nests that are duplicated by a number of duplications instead of a copy of the nest.