Installation instructions for Nesting Server

  1. Install RanFab

  2. Ensure IP addresses in nesting preferences are correct (public static IP of the server)

  3. Install nesting server – license the software during installation (request a license key from your vendor)

  4. If you are running a nesting client on the server PC

    1. Install nesting client

  5. If you are installing nesting clients on remote PCs (recommended)

    1. Install the nesting client on the remote PC

    2. Open the services section in the control panel

    3. Stop the service

    4. Goto C:\programdata\efficient software ltd\nestingclient\settings.ini

    5. Text to add under AppSettings (only add [AppSettings] if it’s not already there) – trailing / is important in the URL


      ServerAddress = http://server_IP_address:9500/

    6. Start the service 

    7. Check the log in the logs folder, which should state that the client connected to the server ok.

The system uses a round-robin scheduling approach so all connected clients will take turns to perform a nesting task, regardless of where the task was initiated from.

Minimum system requirements

Client: 4+ core CPU with 4GB of RAM

Server: 4+ core CPU with 8GB of RAM