How RanFab attributes logic to the quantities in work items

Quantity logic in RanFab

The quantity logic used in work items for a given part in RF is as follows.

  • If the part has a profile-cutting work item this will be considered the driven quantity, and all subsequent quantities of any other work item will refer to this one. So if the profile-cutting process has an amount of 100 parts and the following fabrication process has a quantity of 200 a ratio of 1>2 will apply to all price scaling and jobs created later.

  • If a profile-cutting item does not exist, then the first added fabrication process will be the driving quantity

  • If a fabrication work item does not exist, then the first BOM item added will be the driving quantity.

In conclusion, when adding a fabrication work item to a part that has a profile cutting item the quantity in the fabrication process refers to the same quantity as the profile cutting process. So if you have 100 blanks that require countersinking of 4 holes per part you would have a quantity of 100 in the countersinking process as it refers to a number of parts and not holes. Of course, the unit time entered is related to the time per part which will be for countersinking of 4 holes per part.