RanFab V5.5 Release notes

Version 5.5 - Release notes

  • Code infrastructure update to stay in line with the latest security patches.
  • Various minor fixes and performance-enhancing aspects as reported since the last update.
  • Small cosmetic changes to some forms and data tables.
  • Re-branding of RanFab lite to LaserQuote.
  • Added value for inventory stock if made from manufactured parts.
  • Stripe integration for payments of quotes and invoices. You can use an existing Stripe account. Payments from quotes and invoices are deposited daily in your nominated bank account.
  • Onboarding-guided process for Stripe connection( we can assist with the onboarding service if required ).
  • Automatic allocation of stock of manufactured parts in components and assemblies.
  • Updated Purchase Order Required By Date to the next available business day.
  • Added Inactive status to parts and assemblies. Inactive components will not be able to be used in quotes and orders.
  • Added Save/Restore to AddPartsToQuote query.
  • Added project names in some objects, such as orders and jobs.
  • UI tweaks for single-part nesting.
  • Add new line item fix for purchase order line items.
  • New framework integration with CutQuote - faster and more reliable.
  • Javascript error fix in some unique circumstances during nesting sessions.
  • Added spreadsheet items to assemblies.
  • Added weight calculation for assemblies.
  • New fields in the inventory object for Name and Category.
  • Screen recorder integration with Birdie for support.
  • Added image manipulation for logo files in settings.
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