Renewal Costs associated with RanFab

The renewal/maintenance policy for the purchased version is outlined below :

  • Upon purchasing a licence/s you will be entitled to 12 months access to all versions released during that time and the support portal with the knowledge base.
  • Before the first 12 months is up, you need to decide if you wish to renew this access and you have the following options:
  1. Do nothing and continue using your current version for the life of your server hardware
  2. Sign up for a maintenance plan currently at 20 % of the licence cost which will re-enable access to updates and support portal for a further 12 months. This needs to take place prior to the expiration date of your original purchase. ( effectively this is an 80% discount on your initial purchase )
  3. Update anytime after the 12 months have expired at a cost of 80% of the current licence cost for the number of users your server has. ( effectively this is a 20% discount on your initial purchase )

Current support costs:

Support and training are charged in 15 minutes increments at a rate of $120 USD per hour for active licences and $400 USD per hour for inactive licenses.

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